3D Engineering and Design

The design engineer at Master Tool Company has over 20 years of experience, not only designing molds but building them as well. This background gives our in-house team the ability to find creative solutions to even the most challenging design manufacturing problems.

Our experienced designer is equipped with state-of-the-art software including SolidWorks. They assess the part design and make modifications and recommendations based on key product requirements including product usage and function. We look for answers to questions such as:

  • How will the part be used? What is its application? Is it a standalone product or a component of a larger assembly?
  • What are the dimensional and tensile requirements?
  • Does the part need to withstand elements, pressure, or chemicals?
  • Does this part meet our requirements for volume and size?

Taking all of these manufacturing factors into account is a challenging task and one that requires a strong knowledge base, not only of mold design, but the injection molding process as well. It’s the first key step of our concept to complete the manufacturing solution at Master Tool Company.

We also work with contracted designers who can help with product development and prototyping.