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All of our Products are made in the USA!


Welcome To Master Tool's new e-commerce option through Shopify! Please feel free to contact us at 305-557-1020 if you have any questions. We offer free shipping on website orders totaling over $500 and have a minimum website order of $50.


Master Tool Company has been manufacturing polymers via Injection Molding and Extrusion processing since 1961. We can run a variety of polymers including ABS, Nylon 6 and 6/6, polyurethane, polypropylene, acrylics, HDPE/LDPE, polystyrene etc. 

Master Tool Company has the ability and knowledge to run a wide variety of materials to meet special applications. Some of our specialties are family molding, custom molding, insert molding, secondary operations and prototyping. Quotations can be provided from either prints, sample parts, and 3D Files.



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